• On Mar 23

    Meet Our New Agriculture Technician!!!

    We are pleased to introduce our new agriculture technician, Ms. Shanti Gautam. Ms. Gautam will be working in our Small Agro Farmers' Income Improvement Project (SAFFI), with the support of ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and JICA. We wish her a great year ahead working with us and various communities in Sindhupalchowk.

  • On Mar 20

    Project for Improving Water Access (PIWA) in Sindhupalchowk District Updates!!!

    We are pleased to announce that a ceremony to mark the starting of excavation work for pipelines on the Sera Ramdev water source was carried out for Bandari Tol and Ratmate Dada, Sunkoshi RM-6.

    Following the ceremony, trench excavation work for the pipeline is undergoing swiftly, while the similar ceremony will be shortly held at 6 other schemes in Mangal Tol, Thapa Tol, Gumba Tol, 12 Kilo Tol, Harisidhhi Tol, and Sundar Dada. ...

  • On Mar 16

    Training on Nursery Management for Tomato, Chillies, and Cucurbitaceous Crops

    The training on Nursery management for tomato, chilies and cucurbitaceous crops was recently held for 10 Farmer's Groups in different villages of Sindhupalchowk. The training aimed at improving skills of the small land holding farmers regarding the proper site selection, soil and soil preparation, treatment of soil against pathogens, nursery bed preparation (raised bed), sowing seed in nurseries, mulching, and removal of mulch, watering, weeding and plant protection measures.

    As a part of the Small Agro Farmers' Income Improvement Project (SAFFI), with the support of ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and JICA 青年海外協力隊事務局, 10 more farmer's group will be given the training. The training will be followed by Training on Cultivation Practices, methods of plant protection, and post harvest handeling of the given crops. ...

  • On Mar 06

    Young Entrepreneurs of Shanti Nikunja Secondary School

    The students of Shanti Nikunja Secondary School are all set to bring a new taste to their school cafeteria. Bored by the never changing and limited menu at their school, six groups of grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 designed their business plan during the four days workshop. Five of the groups will be offering various food items; team Milijuli will be making Puri Tarkari, team Mo: Mo Guys will be selling Mo: Mo, team A-One will selling peanuts, team Five Star will be selling Pani Puri, and team B2S.P.G will be selling Pustakari. On the other hand, Team SUJU will address the lack of easy access to stationery items in their school by establishing "Children Stationery." ...

  • On Feb 28

    Challenging the Youths to Innovate!!!

    Passive Smoking has long plagued our social environment and there is no denying to health hazards associated with it. Therefore, one of the team at our 6th YouthPreneur Challenge planned on collaborating with restaurants to maintain separate smoking zones, decreasing the rate of people suffering from ailments due to passive smoking. The restaurants could be provided with special stickers so as to appeal for healthy living.

    Similarly, Team 2 aspired to address the lack of clean and well maintained public toilets around Kathmandu. They planned to collaborate with community groups so that they can mobilize the whole community to take responsibility for it. Moreover, the toilets would be made from the recycled items, while the money earned through manure produced out of the excretory products would be utilized to build additional toilets. Team 3, on the other hand, had an idea to promote a mobile application called “raspberry device” which holds the ability to monitor the healthy growth of any plant throughout its cultivation period, minimizing the risk of the bad production year. Likewise, Team 4 came up with the idea of preparing modern cloth pads that could be washed and reused, especially targeted to rural communities.

    The YouthPreneur Challenge is designed to provide youth a taste of social entrepreneurship and this edition of the program was held in partnership with Youth Action Nepal (YOAC) on 22nd and 23rd of February, 2018, in which 26 youth from social work background participated. We believe that such programs are very essential to promote solution-driven thinking as well as innovation. ...

  • On Feb 21

    6th YouthPreneur Challenge at Yuwalaya - Youth Resource Center

    There are a million problems that need to be solved in Nepal so we cannot afford to simply wait and watch. We need to take sustainable actions in any way possible. To explore one of the innovative ways to address social issues, YouthPreneur challenges the youth to ideate self-sustainable social business by using various tools of Social Entrepreneurship.

    At the 6th YouthPreneur Challenge, students from different colleges will take part to turn challenges into opportunities. The program will take place at Yuwalaya (Youth Resource Centre), and will be facilitated by ISAP.

    Stay updated with us to know their innovative ideas. ...

  • On Feb 19

    Changing Stories Nepal

    Application Open for Changing Stories Nepal Fellowship!!!

    If your passion lies in giving back to your community and you live in Hetauda, Changing Stories Fellowship would be a great opportunity for you. You can be the part of the movement of giving struggling students of public schools in Hetauda a second chance at learning how to read, write and do maths.

    Further Information and Application Link: http://bit.ly/2o3RDXd
    Deadline: March 20, 2018

  • On Feb 15

    Japanese Assistance for the Project for Improving Water Access in Sindhupalchowk District

    Japanese Assistance for the Project for Improving Water Access in Sindhupalchowk District

    We are pleased to announce that the grant contract for the Project for Improving Water Access in Sindhupalchowk District was signed in presence of the Ambassador of Japan to Nepal, His Excellence Masashi Ogwa, and Ms. Ayaka Ishikawa, Country Representative of ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan in Nepal.

    The grant assistance will be used to rehabilitate 8 of the water supply schemes that were affected by the Nepal Earthquake 2015 in Thumpakhar VDC of Sindhupalchowk district in partnership with ISAP.

    The project aspires to improve sustainable access to safe drinking water, increase the number of households with access to adequate water, and reduce labor for water access, along with promoting a participatory, bottom-up and sustainable approach to rebuilding.

    We are very thankful to the people of Japan for their support to improve the lives of people in Nepal, especially in the aftermath of the earthquake. We look forward to continuing the long-established relationship between the People of Nepal and the People of Japan.

    The detailed project signing ceremony is also featured in The Himalayan Times ( http://bit.ly/2CmWOWi ), Spotlight Nepal ( http://bit.ly/2HiK0UD ) and News 24 ( http://bit.ly/2Gf8oVO ). https://thehimalayantimes.com/nepal/japanese-embassy-hands-community-centre-kavre/

  • On Feb 14

    Farmers' Group Formation for Small Agro Farmers' Income Improvement Project (SAFFI)

    With the aim to promote sustainable and inclusive agricultural growth through the introduction of improved vegetable production technique, including crop selection, vegetable farming, healthy seed production, marketing of the products, for small land holding farmers, marginalized community, and other people affected by the April 25th 2015 Nepal Earthquake. ISAP with the support of ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and JICA 青年海外協力隊事務局 has initiated the SAFII project.

    Currently, farmer group formation activities are undergoing, under which 14 groups have been already formed in various parts of Sindhupalchowk, such as, Irkhu, Pokharebesi, Karkitar, Chap, Sukute, Jalbire, and Sangachowk.

    The 20 groups will work collectively and conduct their monthly and periodic meetings and solve any problems and make future plans and programs. They will also create a saving fund for supporting needy one within the group and for future purposes. The project shall also motivate the groups to form cooperative.

    The group formation activities will be followed by training for rainy season crops. ...

  • On Feb 09

    SchoolPreneurs of Shramjit Kishor Secondary School

    SchoolPreneurs of Shramjit Kishor Secondary School

    SchoolPreneurs of Shramjit Kisore Secondary School are ready to bring their social business plans into action after the 4-day workshop.

    Team Friends Forever will be making customized Paintings as per customer demand, Team MY SSP and Silence will be making decoration items by utilizing solid waste items. Similarly, Team DAMSSK will be making clean and healthy panipuri to bring much-demanded new taste in their school cafeteria.

    Stay with us to know their entrepreneurial journey!!

    #Innovators #social_entreprenuers

  • On Feb 01

    #ThrowbackThursday The seeds of success!!

    #ThrowbackThursday The seeds of success!!
    #Entrepreneurship #tbh

  • On Jan 25

    We are Hiring!!!

    We are Hiring!!!

    Our partner Changing Stories Nepal is looking for a Project Coordinator,
    if you would like to join their journey to change stories of rural children who are falling behind in class.
    Be sure to apply in the following link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfv_ljiueoYGMT_aOZLYg7VOtLIE2Szhd3EoO88ADpFug3qGA/viewform

  • On Jan 23

    Relief Distribution Program at Morang District

    Relief Distribution Program at Morang District

    To help people equip well for the winter, which has claimed 25 lives. ISAP in collaboration with Asia Pacific Alliance (APAD Japan) distributed CGI sheets and bamboo sticks to 59 households for shelter preparation and mattress and quilt to 642 households in Morang district, in the month of November and December of 2017.
    We are really grateful to Quick Volunteer, our local partner, for all their support.

  • On Jan 19

    Relief Distribution Program at Saptari District

    Relief Distribution Program at Saptari District

    The cold wave that has taken 25 lives already in Terai has been even deadlier due to the August 2017 floods.
    Thus ISAP in collaboration with ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan distributed a total of 586 mattress and quilt (सिरक र डस्ना) in Pragati Tole, Shiva Narayan Tole, Bargachhi, Gairigaun and Sunaulo Tole of Saptari district on 11th November, 2017 to help the people keep warm this winter.

  • On Jan 03

    New Year Wishes from ISAP Team!!!

    New Year Wishes from ISAP Team!!!

    Warm Wishes for the New Year to you and your dear ones. We hope you will have a great year ahead. As we wave goodbye to the Year 2017, ISAP would like to thank all its partners, past and present team members, and well-wishers for constantly showering us with your support and love.
    Here are some of our memories of the year 2017.

    #throwback2017 #NewYear

  • On Dec 28

    #ThrowbackThursday This Thursday, let us look back at the entrepreneurial journey of the Allo Queen, Ms.

    #ThrowbackThursday This Thursday, let us look back at the entrepreneurial journey of the Allo Queen, Ms. Mala Garanza Magar. #tbh

  • On Dec 18

    Achievement Celebration at Guheshwori Balshikshya Secondary School

    Achievement Celebration at Guheshwori Balshikshya Secondary School

    Students made the “best of waste” as a part of the School-Preneur program. We help students invest in their innovative ideas to creatively solve problems to inspire entrepreneurial mindset from a young age.
    We recently completed the 7th Schoolpreneur program at Guheshwori Balshikshya Secondary School. The students creatively tackled problems of waste and were even able to generate profits by selling photo frames, pens, pen-holders made out of waste papers. Some students even created a game out of scrap wires and wood. We were really impressed by the creativity shown by the students in such a tender age. We wish them all the best to do the same in their future endeavors.

  • On Nov 28

    Nurturing Innovative Minds

    Nurturing Innovative Minds
    A young boy's Poolboard crafted by recycling Cardboard boxes has currently gone viral. Innovations like this are what we too believe inspires creativity which can be even be molded to inspire entrepreneurial mindset at a young age.

    To nurture innovative minds we have started our 7th SchoolPreneur program at Guheshwori Balshishya Secondary School. The students have been brainstorming ideas that do not only address communal issues but also are a viable social business for sustainability for the past 2 days. Some of the ideas are making waste CD based photo frames, cardboard based dustpans, paper pencils etc. We hope these young minds will utilize their creativity at best !!!

  • On Nov 21

    As per your experience, what are the elements of a quality social media content?

    As per your experience, what are the elements of a quality social media content? / How do you make the consumer buy your products through content?

    Among similar queries, new and old ventures often struggle with one of the most sought marketing tool of today’s era - social media. Addressing such issues, the 4th edition of Udhyami Insights on "Social Media Marketing for Your Venture" commenced on 10th November, in presence of social media gurus -Mr. Ankur Jhunjhunwala - the CEO of Digital Marketing Nepal, Ms. Nikita Acharya- Founder of UG Cakes Urban Girl and Mr. Raghavendra Mahto - Co-Founder of Doko Recyclers as panelists. The event also welcomed Mr. René Jøhnke - Founder of Changing Stories Nepal who shared how social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, has become their primary channel of communication for effective outreach.

    Stay tuned for our next event. You can also drop your suggestions on event theme for next Udhaymi Insights.

  • On Nov 10
  • On Nov 10

    Happening Now!!

    Nikita Acharya Urban Girl

  • On Nov 09

    Changing Stories Nepal

    Spend 15 seconds and help Changing Stories to provide Remedial Courses to more students of public Schools in Nepal !!! हाम्रो आफनै भएको भए; छोरा-छोरी, भाई- बहिनी, परिवार, Give them a second chance to learn Nepali and do Math!
    Link to the competition:
    with Changing Stories Nepal

  • On Nov 08

    Our Efforts towards restoration continues after the 11th August 2017 Flood

    11th August 2017 Flood inundated many villages with more than 5,000 houses submerged and 2,500 families displaced in Saptari alone, but many families are yet to receive sufficient relief materials.
    Continuing our effort to restoration, the relief materials which included Kitchen Kit, Hygiene Kit, Shelter-Kit and Food Ration were distributed to 80 households of Rupani-02, in collaboration with ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and Japan Platform (ジャパン・プラットフォーム) on 4th November.

    We will continue the initiative as per the need assessment of various communities and schools. ...

  • On Nov 02


    Do you believe every child deserves an opportunity to find and realize the talents and the potential - we call it greatness - that each of us is born with as We at Changing Stories Nepal and ISAP do?

    Then, grab the opportunity to co-lead Changing Stories Nepal, a for-impact educational organisation running remedial education courses (REC) for primary level students struggling in Nepali and Numeracy literacy in Nepalese public schools.

    Application Process
    1. Read through our introductory documents here: http://bit.ly/2fbEqKz
    2. Drop your CV at rene@changing-stories.org, and tell us who you are and why you want to work with us.

    Find more details on: http://isap.org.np/careers

    Applications are being accepted on an immediate, rolling basis. So hurry up!!!

    #jobsinnepal #jobsearch ...

  • On Nov 01

    Drop a question that you would like to be addressed regarding social media marketing for new ventures on the comment section or message us.

    We will make sure that our panelist address your queries during the upcoming fourth edition of a moderated panel discussion event - "Udhyami Insights: Social Media Marketing for New Ventures." #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingnepal

  • On Oct 25

    Want to master the art of social media marketing for your business, social organization and much more?

    Then, learn from the experts themselves.
    Suggests us leading ventures of Nepal whose main revenue or fund generation source is social media, we will try to reach them for our upcoming fourth edition of Udhyami Insights, an interaction program, on "Social Media marketing for New Ventures" to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations find appropriate approaches to their queries and challenges and learn from the insights of social media experts. ...

  • On Oct 13

    Our small efforts towards restoration after the 11th August 2017 Flood

    Our small efforts towards restoration after the 11th August 2017 Flood

    ISAP in collaboration with ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and Japan Platform (ジャパン・プラットフォーム) distributed relief materials from 24th-26th September, 2017 in Saptari where four dozen villages had been inundated with more than 5,000 houses submerged and 2,500 families displaced.

    The relief materials which included Kitchen Kit, Hygiene Kit, Shelter Kit and Food Ration were distributed in Madhuwapur, Tilathi and Hanumanagar based on a pre-assessment survey done to avoid duplication and reach the most vulnerable groups.

    We would also like to extend our gratitude towards Lions Club of Rajbiraj and local volunteers for assisting in the distribution process.

    The further assistance has been planned after Tihar.

  • On Oct 12

    ISAP wins Best Paper Award at the 16th IEF Conference

    We are thrilled to share the news that ISAP won The Best Paper Award for Original insights into Good Practice in the 16th International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF) Conference held from 14-16th September, 2017 in Nepal.

    The quantitative research “Enhancing the Role of Local Government and Non-government Agencies and Leveraging Skills Development for Enterprise Promotion in Nepal” was one of the papers presented among over 60 papers from 16 different countries.

    The research overviews local strategies and policies on skills development, along with measuring perception towards, importance of, and current practices of coordination and collaboration among government and non-government agencies that lead to work duplication and resource wastage, overall limiting impact of skill development into resulting sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal.

    We would like to extend our gratitude to Daayitwa for collaborating to redesign the original research that was conducted during Daayitwa Fellowship 2016 by our fellow employee Ms. Triveni Chand for further research and add relevance to changing government structure along with Mr. Pankaj Parajuli and Mr. Biswa Giri.

    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to know more about our research.
    Thank you!! ...

  • On Oct 11

    “उद्यमी जिज्ञाशा मंच” - New Facebook Group

    ISAP has created a facebook group- “उद्यमी जिज्ञाशा मंच” as a platform to connect aspiring and new Agro-based entrepreneurs to fellow agro-based entrepreneurs and experts. It is a page based in Nepali medium to encourage discussion among agro-entrepreneurs and experts inside and outside of Kathmandu Valley. The group also aims to connect Udhyami fellows and the trainers from our Udhyami Fellowship program.

    Join group to connect:
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1629666890419235 ...

  • On Sep 08

    Project Bishwas Updates !

    Project Bishwas Updates !

    Here is an update of progress made so far regarding Project Bishwas in partnership with Changing Stories Nepal, highlighting our small yet steady steps to change stories of children in Makwanpur through remedial education program for struggling community school students from grades 2 to 5.

  • On Sep 06

    Unlocking Opportunities with Lapsi Candy !

    Unlocking Opportunities with Lapsi Candy !

    Jeet Bahadur Giri, aged 60, is today the proud owner of a Lapsi (Nepalese Hog Plum) candy enterprise worth 12 lakh rupees in Sindhupalchowk but things weren’t always the same for Giri. His already poor economic state deteriorated after the expensive treatment for his broken back due to an unfortunate accident. With the intense back problem, Giri couldn’t find any source of livelihood, and agriculture alone in a limited land he owned was hard toil only enough for subsistence. When fate seemed against Giri, read how he came to becoming one of the pioneer of lapsi candy production in Sindhupalchowk: http://bit.ly/2wBjlyV

  • On Sep 05

    Meet Arjun Ranabhat, our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Mushroom) program 2017- 4th Cycle !

    "If you ought to continuously work 10-12 hours daily, you can easily earn considerable money in your own country; most importantly, you can earn money as well as stay with your family,” says Mr. Arjun Ranabhat (on the Left). Mr. Ranabhat labored around 10 years in a foreign land-Israel to financially support his family, but as his children are growing up he has decided to stay in Nepal by starting a small business. Since returning back to Nepal he has been seeing that many of his friends are earning well through poultry farming, but he has developed a strong desire to pursue mushroom farming as he could clearly see that the demand for mushroom in his hometown- Damauli is highly unsaturated. However, novice to mushroom farming, Mr. Ranabhat feared incurring a heavy loss and losing the hard earned savings of 10 years. Therefore, as soon as he saw an opportunity for a 4-weeks apprentice program –ISAP’s Udhyami Fellowship on mushroom farming, he came to Kathmandu for the training.

    ISAP believes that the practical aspect of any training is as important as the theory itself and carries a “learning by doing” spirit. Thus, after a 3 days training on business literacy, Ranabhat was placed in a mushroom farm owned by Pragati farmer’s group in Kapan. In these four weeks, Rananbhat learned all the basics from making a mushroom shed to determining the preferred conditions for growing oyster mushroom; controlling temperature and ventilating a shed, appropriately cutting spawned bags etc. He also got acquainted with harvest and post-harvest handling of mushrooms under the supervision of established entrepreneurs, along with being able to experience marketing of the produced mushroom. During the 4 weeks period, he was even able to establish a good relationship with various value chain actors which will prove immensely beneficial once he starts his own farm.

    Prior to the training, Ranabhat had planned to farm mushrooms in Damauli. Now, he happily shares, “If I would have just started the farm on my own at Damauli, I would have lost all my investment. Thanks to the training, I came to know that mushroom farming is not very suitable in warm places like Damauli.” Once he acquires the land for the farming either in Kathmandu valley or Pokhara or Makwanpur where the temperature is perfect for mushroom farming, he will initiate farm construction for the mushroom farming. He feels that though it would be a struggle to find and establish the market initially,once that is acquired, he is confident that in due time he will be able to make a generous profit out of this enterprise.
    Progress updates:
    Ranabhat has planned to lease land in Kathmandu to start his venture. ...

  • On Aug 15

    Impact Stories: How Constructing Demo-Houses Provided Skills and Changed Perception of House Owners in Rural Sindhupalchowk

    “The earth started trembling, the mud rammed walls started tearing apart, the walls started splitting and in the mere blink of an eye, nothing but ruins remained of our house” Bal Bahadur Damai, aged 58 bleakly remembers the earthquake of April 2015, the day he was having lunch with his wife inside his house – the day he lost his house that his grandfather had built. Since that day he and his family, like hundreds of other who lost their homes to the earthquake, have been living in a temporary tin shelter, yet if could have seen him recently, he is all smile and content. He is happy because after living 2 years in a temporary shelter that floods when it rains heavily and invites snakes in warm weather, he will be able to celebrate this Dashain in his new permanent house.

    Bal Bahadur and his wife had given up the thought of living in a house with proper walls and a roof ever again. It was only a few months ago, Bal Bahadur recalls, when his wife was deeply troubled by the thought that may be their death will come earlier before they see a roof above them. For a person who belongs to the lower sub-economic caste group, has no inherited wealth and low income that barely sustains his family, reconstruction of the house with the government provided compensation of NRs 3 lakhs seemed impossible.

    Once an impossible dream for Bal Bahadur and his family is turning into a reality after attending the 50 days “On-the-job” mason training and 7 days additional course as stated by DUDBC curriculum. Having had worked as a semi-skilled part-time mason for past 12 years, it was only during the training he realized and understood why his two story house, that had stood tall from his grandfather’s time, fell the way it did. Since he had witnessed the fall of his house from in and outside, the haunting memories could flash back as the engineers demonstrated the drawbacks in their traditional construction methods. He has come to the understanding of use of through stone so that walls do not dilapidate, right thickness of mud mortar, and so on that contributes to making of a disaster resistant house.

    The training has proven useful not only because it provided the knowledge related to construction, but it also allowed the participants to understand that reconstruction of earthquake resilient houses can be done cost efficiently by utilizing locally available resources. Bal Bahadur shares, “I was amongst the many that believed the NRs 3 lakhs provided by the government was not enough to build a house while building safer houses was impossible.” But now, he has started rebuilding his own house using the stones, woods, and tin from his old house and buying other necessary materials, and this could cost him 4 lakhs rupees in total. He shares, “I want to build an exemplary house so that people, especially marginalized community like me, gain confidence to rebuild by understanding that constructing disaster resistant houses are possible with locally available resources at a minimum cost.” Once the construction of his house is concluded, he plans on forming a team of 5 and oversee the rebuilding of other houses.

    Suresh Kumar Tamang, aged 32, is another participant of the mason training. He was involved in a few construction works but lacked the technical knowledge regarding construction. The training has opened many doors for unemployed youth like Suresh. Though the work is slow during the monsoon, Suresh is hopeful that he along with other youths can work in construction of houses as the monsoon end and earn their living.

    ISAP, with the support of ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and Akaihane Kyodo Bokin, has completed Mason Training Program for Earthquake Resilient Building Construction in Thulopakhar VDC and Jethal VDC of Sindhupalchowk, training 30 semi-professional construction workers and 5 practicing experienced masons. ...

  • On Jul 19

    Meet Shankar Dahal, our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Poultry) program 2017- 3rd Cycle !

    Meet Shankar Dahal, our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Poultry) program 2017- 3rd Cycle !

    Toiling for 8 years in Dubai, Mr. Shankar Dahal (on the Right) dared to return to Nepal in search of ways to be self-reliant. With few years of firsthand understanding of the market, he found that the investment he had could be enough to start a small-scale poultry farm. However, since he had zero skill and knowledge on poultry farming, he feared losing his hard earned money.

    In search of technical skills and business knowledge that would reduce his business risk as well as safeguard his hard earned money, he soon joined our Udhyami Fellowship program, a four to eight weeks apprenticeship program where we pair aspiring and small-scale agro-entrepreneurs with successful agro-entrepreneurs. He says, "There is a huge difference between frequently held 2-3 days agro-training and learning from a successful agro-entrepreneur.” He adds, “When you are in-the-farm training, everything happens in front of your eyes and you get a chance to be part of the process under the constant supervision of the expert. This way, it is easy to transfer technical skills and business knowledge into practice and later in behavior.”

    He recently graduated from our Udhyami Fellowship program and now he plans on starting construction of a poultry farm that can house 1500 to 2000 chickens in Nangalebhari, where he currently resides. Since the local market is already saturated, he is also developing a plan to bring his production to the capital-Kathmandu. Lastly, he shares, “If I had not attended the training, I could have faced lot of difficulties in farm management and marketing. The prices associated with poultry farming, from feed to chicks to chicken are always fluctuating. Therefore, I have come to the understanding that meeting the quality and demand of the customers or dealers is one of the best ways to derive higher return in the long-run.”

    ISAP team wishes Mr. Dahal a great entrepreneurial journey ahead.

    Progress Update:
    Dahal has now constructed the farm house and plans to start poultry farming with 2000 chicks. He is in the process to register the farm. He also has eight goats in his farm currently. He plans to increase both his poultry and goat rearing and start fish farming (Munge fish) from Falgun.

  • On Jul 03

    नि:शुल्क व्यावसायीक कृषि तलिमका लागि आवेदन अब यस साताका लागि मात्र खुला !

    नि:शुल्क व्यावसायीक कृषि तलिमका लागि आवेदन अब यस साताका लागि मात्र खुला !

    नेपालमा सानातिना र प्रमुख जानकारीको अभाबमा नयाँ कृषकहरुले आफ्नो समय र परिश्रम दिदादिदै पनि असफल भएको तितो यथार्थ देख्न सकिन्छ । तसर्थ, पुर्व व्यावहारिक तथा प्राविधिक ज्ञान दिने उदेश्यले हामी नि:शुल्क व्यावसायीक कृषि तलिम संचालन गर्दै आइरहेका छौँ । तलिम अन्तर्ग, व्यावसाय गर्न इच्छुक व्यक्तिहरुलाई स्थापित उद्यमीबाट कार्यस्थलमै प्रत्यक्ष तालिम दिइन्छ ।

    तपाई पनि नेपालकै नमुना कृषि उद्यमीको फार्ममा बसी पुर्व प्राविधिक, व्यावहारिक एवम् व्यावसायिक ज्ञान बाट कृषि व्यावसाय सुरु गरि एक सफल उद्यमी बन्न सक्नु हुन्छ ।

    उपलब्द तालिमहरु: गाई पालन, कुखुरा पालन, बाख्रा पालन, सुँगुर पालन, च्याउ खेति र गोलभेडा खेति

    फार्ममा गरिने तालिम अगी ३ दिने कृषि उद्यम विकास कार्यशाला पनि संचालन गरिने छ l

    थप जानकारी र आवेदनका लागि: http://bit.ly/2pmvSVh
    सम्पर्क: 016219866

  • On Jun 26



    ISAP is seeking to hire an intern in our program unit for 2 months (July 1 to August 30). The intern works as part of a team of program staffs who are implementing host of training and other activities under ISAP's entrepreneurship development programs.

    The intern holds a variety of responsibilities related to the research, analysis, and coordination of programmatic activities with a primary focus on organizing, scheduling, promoting, marketing, and conducting wide variety of training programs.

    ELIGIBILITY: Bachelor's Degree in management, development studies, sociology or relevant fields of study. Those who have already completed their final exam and are awaiting results would be eligible.
    Two wheeler driving license is a must.
    DURATION: Two Months (July 1 to August 30)
    REMUNERATION: Lunch Allowance and Travel Allowance
    FUTURE OPPORTUNITY: ISAP would open an application for the position of Program Associate with starting date of Sept 1, 2017. The intern would be encouraged to apply to that position upon successful completion of the internship. http://bit.ly/2sd8dTz

  • On Jun 26

    Training the Practicing Masons of Sindhupalchowk !

    Training the Practicing Masons of Sindhupalchowk !

    ISAP, with the support of ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and in coordination with Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) has completed Mason Training Program for Earthquake Resilient Building Construction (MTPERBC) in Thulopakhar VDC and Jethal VDC of Sindhupalchowk.

    Throughout the training period, the 32 practicing masons were made well aware of the importance and effectiveness of earthquake resistant elements in buildings.They also got an opportunity to learn about new techniques on earthquake resilient building construction while learning to construct load bearing stone structures.

    These trained masons will now be working for building construction at Irkhu-Sindhupalchowk. In additional to that, they will impart their knowledge by teaching other technicians the techniques they have learnt.

  • On Jun 23

    Budding SchoolPreneurs of Shree Kamal Basic School

    Budding SchoolPreneurs of Shree Kamal Basic School

    The students of Shree Kamal Basic School, grade 6 and grade 7, have been rigorously brainstorming business ideas for the past three days as a part of our entrepreneurship development project—SchoolPreneur, in collaboration with ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan.

    Team Sagarmath have decided to make fish feed available in the pond nearby as they have frequently encountered the incidence of dying fish due to insufficient feed. While Team King & Boss and Team Lumbini will be making lunch items and fruits available, respectively, at the affordable rate. Likewise Team Clean Environment will be selling stationery items in their school as there are no stationery shops nearby.

    Since today is the last day of the workshop, each group will be receiving 1000 rupees as a start-up investment once they pitch their finalized business plan, including their estimated profit. We hope that all the students will enjoy their 15 days journey of entrepreneurship as well as develop the qualities of leadership, accountability and team spirit.

  • On Jun 16

    Grab the Opportunity to Financially and Technically Support your Enterprise !

    Grab the Opportunity to Financially and Technically Support your Enterprise !

    If you are passionately seeking to scale up your business, Enterprise - Nepal Business Accelerator Program would be at your rescue. The program offers twelve-week long training as well as mentor-ship to fine-tune your business models, and raise funds from investors that would together ensure a high level growth.

    The program was able to gather huge interest from over 400 companies while 6 of them, Foodmandu Pvt. Ltd, Ingrails Pvt. Ltd, Aiden Engineering Pvt. Ltd, A.C.T. 360 Pvt. Ltd, Funkey Delights Pvt. Ltd, and Vim Vox Lab Pvt. Ltd, secured mentor-ship opportunity. Moreover, 3 out of 6 finalist companies have already received investment averaging 80 Lakh rupees; whereas, the other 3 have received term sheets from investors and are in the final stages of negotiation.

    Nepalese companies that have been operating for at least 3 years, and are seeking investment as well as have a dedicated team to scale-up.

    Application Deadline: June 30, 2017
    To apply and for the further details, visit www.enterprise.com.np or email at info@tna.com.np http://enterprise.com.np/

  • On Jun 14

    “कृषिमा बीमा, अनुदान तथा वित्तीय श्रोतहरु” बिषयमा संचालित उद्यमी इन्साआइट्स नामक अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रमको भिडियो

    “कृषिमा बीमा, अनुदान तथा वित्तीय श्रोतहरु” बिषयमा संचालित उद्यमी इन्साआइट्स नामक अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रमको भिडियो

    उद्यमी इन्साआइट्सको यो तेस्रो संस्करणमा सरकार तथा निजि क्षेत्र द्वारा संचालित व्यवसायिक कृषिका लागि बीमा, अनुदान तथा वित्तीय सहयोग बारे गरिएको गहन छलफल यस भिडियो मार्फत हेर्न सक्नुहुन्छ l

  • On Jun 13

    Meet our SchoolPreneurs from Shivapuri Higher Secondary School

    Meet our SchoolPreneurs from Shivapuri Higher Secondary School

    Enthusiastic to be entrepreneurs at a young age, the students of grade 7 from Shivapuri Higher Secondary School will be commencing their social ventures from today. In order to address the lack of fresh and hygiene food available in their cafeteria, Team Jun Tara will be selling mixed fruits, while Team Sagarmatha and Team Business will be selling Chatpate and Juice, respectively. Similarly, Team Lion will be making board games available during the leisure time, whereas Team Cleanliness will be utilizing waste paper to make decoration items.

    We had an enriching experience guiding them through the process of idea generation to development of their business plans in 4 day’s workshop. The workshop would not have been concluded better without our guest entrepreneur Mr. Bilal Ahmed Shah, proprietor of Latido Leathers. Mr. Shah spent most of his childhood days at principal’s office where he could often be summoned for being “too noisy” and asking tons of irrelevant questions. Later, he dropped out of the engineering college too. Amid such failures, he dared to start the company from scratch, as a rebound from his past failures, in an attempt to follow his heart. The children were fascinated by his stories of highs and lows, and thoroughly enjoyed the amusing anecdotes from his school days. He also encouraged them to nurture their unique qualities and ambitions, along with emphasizing the importance of life skills as one grows up. The six groups presented each of their business plans and polished them further through his mentorship.

    In the end of the workshop, the groups received Rs.1000 each as an investment fund for running their entrepreneurial ventures. We wish our SchoolPreneurs a fruitful entrepreneurial journey of two more weeks and extend our gratitude toward our partnering agency- Peace Winds Japan for the support.

  • On Jun 12

    Agro-Fundamentals Workshop for Udhyami Fellows 2017 – 3rd Cycle

    Agro-Fundamentals Workshop for Udhyami Fellows 2017 – 3rd Cycle

    The three days’ workshop on “Agro-Fundamentals for Micro-Entrepreneurs” was successfully held for the third batch of potential Udhyami Fellows of 2017. The workshop welcomed aspiring and small-scale agro-entrepreneurs from across the country, Sankhuwasabha to Ramechaap.

    Through various role-play and simulation activities, board games and other interactive exercises, the 23 participants shared a fun and enriching experience of learning the fundamental business concepts. The concepts ranged from Value Chain Analysis and Building Market Relationship, to Business Cycles and Financing. The interactive sessions were also a valuable opportunity for them to share and learn from each other’s’ experiences and mistakes.

    The highlight of the workshop was a session on agro-insurance which was facilitated by Mr. Kundan Sapkota, Deputy Director of Insurance Board. Through this session, he familiarized our participants with the various policies and schemes launched by the Insurance Board in Nepal in the agriculture sector and responded to the participants’ queries.

    Our Udhyami Fellows have headed to their respective farms for the training. The fellowship will be completed in four-weeks.

  • On Jun 09

    Retired Teacher Participates in Udhyami Fellowship to Strengthen his Cooperative

    Retired Teacher Participates in Udhyami Fellowship to Strengthen his Cooperative

    52-year old Mr. Shankar Prashad Paudyal was keeping himself busy with rearing two buffalos that his family owned upon a retirement as a teacher from a local government school. But for last few years, he is also actively engaged in managing a cattle farm, jointly owned by a cooperative named Ekata Pasupalan. At present, the cattle farm has 11 cows and Mr. Paudyal and other stakeholders of the farm are aiming to quickly treble the number of cows. In hope of learning new techniques as well as acquire the related business acumen to grow as a commercial farmer, Mr. Paudyal joined our Udhyami Fellowship program this year.

    The topics covered during the fellowship period included technical aspects, such as breeding methods, distinguishing quality and quantity of fodders, milking methods to name few while the business aspects included business cycle, marketing strategies and so on. His main learning was realizing that the feeding methods practiced widely in rural areas where cattle are feed dry fodder would have been a major factor behind frequent sickness that plagues their cattle. He adds, “Now I have learned that mixing dry fodder adequately with liquid helps in digestion mechanism of cattle as well as ensures good health which could later invite greater output.” He was also stunned to find out that few feed found in the market could be poisonous as they are not International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified.

    Lastly, he remarks, “The major constraint for scaling-up their farm has been the shortage of water in the area where their farm is currently located. It would have been great if I had joined fellowship earlier so that I could learn about the important factors, such as availability of water and grazing space, to consider before selecting an arena for a cattle farm. Nevertheless, he is very satisfied with being able to learn and practices commercial cattle rearing techniques under the supervision of a commercial farmer, along with learning about different diseases and its prevention methods directly from vets who often visited the farm during his training period.

    Progress Update:
    Mr. Poudel already had an established cow farm with a total of 17 cows, before he took the fellowship training. After participating in the training, he has applied the skills learnt in his farm and also shared the knowledge to the other farmers of his locality. He is planning to increase the number of improved cow breeds in his farm. He also wants to start vegetable farming but due to lack of a proper market, he has not been able to do so. He has also planned to open a dairy to produce different dairy products.

  • On Jun 08

    Introducing our Udhyami Fellows 2017 - 2nd Cycle

    Introducing our Udhyami Fellows 2017 - 2nd Cycle

    Meet Diwakar Nepali and Durga Bahadur Nepali , our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Poultry) program 2017- 2nd Cycle.

    Diwakar Nepali and Durga Bahadur Nepali have been involved in social service sector through various non-governmental organizations for quite a long time. Since most of their time was consumed with serving rural communities, they were lagging behind in supporting their families financially. As their financial security, especially in long-run, remained questioned, both decided to venture into agro-business for self-sustainability while pursuing their passion to serve their community hand-in-hand.

    As they were observing existing agro-market, they were quick to notice that poultry farming was ensuring good return even with a small capital. But, what they lacked was adequate technical and business acumen which was proving a major hurdle in their journey toward being self-reliant.

    A strong believer of the idea that practice is as important as studying, they soon joined our Udhayami Fellowship program that offers in-farm training. In the span of 4 weeks, they were able to acquire understanding of fundamental aspects of running a commercial poultry farming. Their learning included maintaining a suitable temperature in a farm, identifying required quality and quantity of grains, diseases and its prevention methods, and so on. Most importantly, they were very satisfied with being able to learn through practice in a commercial farm under the supervision of a commercial farmer. Dewakar shares that now they feel much more confident to start their own farm. He adds, “The training gave us an opportunity to learn 95% of important technical and business aspects of having a successful poultry farm.”

    Diwakar and Durga Nepali will shortly commence the construction of their farm. Lastly, they strongly believe that the relationship that they have established with their trainer, Mr. Chandra Tamang, will prove very beneficial to learn further about marketing and thriving in Nepali agro-market once they start their own farm.

    Progress Updates:
    Diwakar Nepali has already constructed the farm house and will soon start the broiler poultry farm from 900 chicks. He also plans to construct a new farm of the same size in the next winter as the cost of construction during the rainy season is high. In the future, he plans to do vegetable farming in plastic tunnels.
    On the other hand, Durga Bahadur Nepali is soon going to start his broiler poultry farm with 1000 chicks. He wants to increase the size of his farm and the number of poultry also. He also wants to be a supplier of chicks to the different farms in his district.

  • On May 30

    SchoolPreneur at Shree Tangal Higher Secondary School

    SchoolPreneur at Shree Tangal Higher Secondary School

    We are excited to announce the commencement of SchoolPreneur program at Shree Tangal Higher Secondary School in collaboration with ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan.
    During our third day of the program, we were thrilled to have Mr Dibesh Giri from Smart Roads, a high-end road designing software company, as our guest entrepreneur. The students were awed by his entrepreneurial adventures that started out at the early age of 5 when he started collecting comic books from friends and rented it out to others at Rupees 2. His journey further boosted the entrepreneurial spirit of the students.
    Since last week, the students of grade 7 and 6 have been enthusiastically planning their business. Team K.T.M has decided to sell lemonade in order to combat rising temperature while Team व्यवसाय and Team Inspire Nepal have decided to recycle solid-waste to produce decoration items. Similarly, Team Everest will be making safe drinking water available at cheaper prices by bringing water jars and filling out water bottles of students as only option now available is buying bottled water at Rs 20 to Rs 25. Likewise, Team SMKSP will be selling mask as the pollution is the city is increasing day by day. Today, they will receiving 1000 rupees investment to commence their business.

  • On May 23

    उद्यमी फेलोशिप - नि:शुल्क व्यावसायीक कृषि तालिमको आवेदन फारम अब मात्र दुई दिनका लागि खुला

    उद्यमी फेलोशिप - नि:शुल्क व्यावसायीक कृषि तालिमको आवेदन फारम अब मात्र दुई दिनका लागि खुला

    नेपालमा सानातिना र प्रमुख जानकारीको अभाबमा नयाँ कृषकहरुले आफ्नो समय र परिश्रम दिदादिदै पनि असफल भएको तितो यथार्थ देख्न सकिन्छ । तसर्थ, पुर्व व्यावहारिक तथा प्राविधिक ज्ञान दिने उदेश्यले हामी उद्यमी फेलोसीप संचालन गर्दै आइरहेका छौँ । फेलोशिप अन्तरगत, व्यावसाय गर्न इच्छुक व्यक्तिहरुलाई स्थापित उद्यमीबाट कार्यस्थलमै प्रत्यक्ष तालिम दिइन्छ ।

    तपाई पनि नेपालकै नमुना कृषि उद्यमीको फार्ममा बसी पुर्व प्राविधिक, व्यावहारिक एवम् व्यावसायिक ज्ञान बाट कृषि व्यावसाय सुरु गरि एक सफल उद्यमी बन्न सक्नु हुन्छ ।

    उपलब्द तालिमहरु: गाई पालन, कुखुरा पालन, बाख्रा पालन, सुँगुर पालन, च्याउ खेति र तरकारी खेति
    फार्ममा गरिने तालिम अगी ३ दिने कृषि उद्यम विकास कार्यशाला पनि संचालन गरिने छ l
    थप जानकारी र आवेदनका लागि: http://bit.ly/2pmvSVh

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